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restoring health through movement



our services in thomasville


physical therapy

emphasis on chronic pain management, post surgery, dry needling, manual therapy & balance disorders including vertigo.


We accept private pay, Medicare and most commercial insurances.


book by calling the office 229.233.6677

pilates privates & duets

 private sessions & group  apparatus/mat classes promoting strength and restoring balance

private pricing

pilates apparatus privates and duets book by calling the office


1-intro session


1-private session


1-duet session


5-private sessions offered at

5-pack price


(expires 2-months after purchase)

10-private sessions offered at

10-pack price


(expires 5-months after purchase)

pilates classes

apparatus class pricing

book now

drop-in option:


class pack option:



(does not auto-renew & expires 4 months after purchase)



(does not auto-renew & expires 4 months after purchase)

membership options:

auto-renews + 3mo. commitment

standard membership



4 apparatus classes/month


add another apparatus class for only $29


add mat class for only $10

plus membership



8 apparatus classes/month


add another apparatus class for only $25


add mat class for only $10

add sauna for only $35

mat class pricing

book below


single class


membership pricing



featuring a medical grade, full spectrum sauna & infrared/PEMF mat therapy these wellness services heal the body promoting detoxification at the cellular level


book by calling the office 229.233.6677

infrared sauna

book by calling the office 229.233.6677


Single session




expires 4 months after purchase


book by calling the office 229.233.6677


single 45-min session $30 

physical therapy add on $15

personal training

book by calling the office 229.233.6677


Come Visit Us!

  Therapy Plus offers individualized physical therapy sessions and personalized wellness programs to improve quality of life & decrease pain so individuals can get back to living life to the fullest!


We accept Medicare, most major commercial insurances and cash based rates.


Courtney Butler, PT, DPT, CERT. DN

 Courtney, founder & CEO of Therapy Plus Rehab Services has been a part of the physical therapy world since 2013. Her first love was Pilates, & now she has developed an intricate rehabilitation program blending functional movement with Pilates principles & manual therapy creating the Therapy Plus method of rehabilitation. Courtney specializes in chronic pain, manual therapy, dry needling & functional movement. From 2009-2016 she worked to develop and perfect multiple treatment protocols to include a bullet proof neck & back program for patients early return to function. 


"For most patients, there is something holding them back from using exercise alone to recover. Faulty alignment, adhesions, improper sequencing of muscles and fear of movement can all be addressed through a hands-on approach that has helped me move patients into pain free daily movement & exercise with confidence."

what our clients say

"I recently had a reverse total shoulder. With a history of a fall, failed hardware, and never getting full use back the first go around, I was doubtful. When i went back to my Dr. for a follow-up he grabbed my arm and yanked it up. I think he expected me to react , but i didn't even flinch! He was amazed at how well I could move it. I highly recommend Therapy Plus!



watch us go

we're on the move and our clients are too

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