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Life Detox Strategies

"Let go of becoming but never let go of taking action. Stop expecting and start living." Maxime Legace'

"It's amazing how often clarity is followed by confidence." Unknown

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to look inward and assess how things are going in our internal and external world. I didn't make any big resolutions at the start of January but as these few weeks have passed I have been thinking about various ongoing goals and gaining clarity around them. It has brought me to a shift in my emphasis for the rest of this year---away from adding more things to the list towards thinking about what I can release and getting clear on what I want to make space for. There is such value in releasing and letting go, just being, curating each day to find joy and moving closer towards your purpose. Doing this may take an adjustment, sometimes uncomfortable, like letting go of heavy emotions or creating solid boundaries about where our time is going.

Here are are few tips and ideas to consider as we step forward into 2023.


Expectations: This is a big one! Simple, although not always easy. Often we generate expectations subconsciously so it takes awareness to see where we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. Consider expectations you may have about how another person should respond or act in a situation. You have no control over how someone else will react. Remind yourself they are on their own journey and often their response has little to do with you anyway. Keep bringing your energy back to your intentions and your responses. You will feel so free releasing that tight grip of control! You can also relate this to circumstances and events. You may have wanted an outcome to be different, but remember that part doesn't define you. What defines you is how you internalize and react to it. Also, you don't have the perspective of hindsight yet to see the blessings in an outcome that doesn't seem ideal at the moment.

Resentments: This is a tough one because relationships are complex. Resentments can come from small day to day interactions or deep wounds from childhood. Often these build up over time and tend to control the direction of our lives, reactions and decisions. Making the space to work through and release these resentments with understanding and forgiveness will allow such incredible healing to take place. This can begin with a journaling practice or working with a therapist you trust.

What doesn't serve your body, your mind, your goals: Pull out your journal for this one and be ruthlessly honest leaving any excuses at the door! Are there habits/relationships/circumstances in your life right now that do not serve your greater goals? For instance, do you try hard to eat well during the day but have a late night snacking habit? How about a friend that brings drama and gossip into your life? Do you strive to feel vibrant and clear headed at work but drink wine every evening? Gaining clarity around your ultimate goals will help identity what does not serve you. Also, it's important to note there is room for balance here! It doesn't have to be all or nothing but the awareness and intention is the key.

Stuff: Think about your house. You can either close your eyes and visualize or physically walk in each room. Notice how the space makes you feel. Does it feel good where everything has its place and purpose or does it feel chaotic with toys and dishes strewn everywhere? Ideally we want our living space to feel like our sanctuary. One way to move in this direction is by getting rid of "stuff". Clutter not only invades our space, but also our mind. Be unyielding when decluttering, and hold your ultimate goal in mind of feeling like you are in your ideal sanctuary. You could start by going through one drawer so it's not too overwhelming. If you have an afternoon available, maybe tackle a closet. Find yourself with a whole day? Tackle a room! Make a few notes in your journal before you begin about what your ideal sanctuary feels like to you and enjoy the journey!


Social Media: This is a tricky one because social media is such a constant part of our culture now as well as an important part for many businesses. However, creating boundaries and getting clear about how it fits into your life is possible and well worth the effort. The constant influx of images and promise of connection actually does the opposite and does a number on our mental health. Identifying social media's place in your life is a great place to start. How much of your self worth is coming from your number of likes and comments? Does not getting them make you question yourself? If you feel like there may be an unhealthy attachment to social media, consider creating batched periods of time that are dedicated to technology. For instance, from 2:00-3:00 could be your dedicated time to check Instagram, Facebook and respond to emails. You can even do this with texts as well and that is very freeing! Removing as many notifications as you can so you don't hear every ping is very helpful in creating these boundaries. The benefits are huge ranging from calm and peaceful mental state (less comparison mode), natural focus and ability to perform tasks efficiently and presence during conversations. Also, you'll be amazed at how much extra time you have!

Social engagements: Just a reminder that you do not need to feel obligated to attend anything you don't want to. You can say No. Boundaries around events are tough, especially if you have people pleasing tendencies. If it's for a good friend and you are on the fence, you can ask them how important the event is for them. If it's something very special to them then you may decide to make time for it. If not, let them know you care and would make the time if you could but your calendar is full.

Meal Time: Scrolling while chewing not only disrupts digestion but doesn't leave room for connection with your family. This is a perfect time for creating the space to check in with each other about the day, the highs and lows, enjoying a meal together and just simply having that time to be with one another. Boundaries around keeping this time sacred is monumental in feeling "filled up"--physically and emotionally!


Space: This one may take a little work but can be done! Take a look at your schedule and see where there might be energy leaks. You will have certain non-negotiables of course, but beyond that, where can you make space? Is there a committee you can step down from? Is there a tv show that you can record and watch another time? Can you wake up half hour earlier to journal, meditate or move your body? How about meal prep on the weekends to free up time during weekday dinners? The demands in our life will always be there. Make it work for you first, and the rest will fall into place.

Creativity: Is there anything that you remember doing as a child that brought you a tremendous amount of joy or felt so easeful that you weren't aware of the time....just present in the activity? Maybe painting or drawing, swimming, riding your bike or baking cookies with your mom? How about singing in your room, writing poetry or coming up with characters for a story you created? These are clues to your unique creativity. Try tapping into that again as an adult. Adding a little fun and play into your day effortlessly brings in joy and fills up a part of you that is easily forgotten about as we "adult" and are layered with responsibilities. Let's lighten it up!

Nature: Being outside is tremendously healing. There are no rules here and it's as simple as walking outside and observing. You do not have to be in the woods. The little patch of grass in your front yard will do just fine. Even observing the sky, cloud formation and the birds can be a meditative experience. Breathing in the fresh air, listening to sounds. If you are lucky enough to have the time for a walk, even better!

Clarity: This is a great word because when we have clarity decisions are easier to make. Life has more of an easeful flow because you have direction. A journaling prompt I like is to think of 3 words or phrases that describe you at your highest and best self. It could be words like compassionate, confident and decisive. Adjectives that you connect with. As you go throughout your day and make decisions, check in with yourself and see if it aligns with your chosen words. It's actually a fun practice and you might even find yourself updating your words as you go and get more clarity!

Wishing you space, contentment and joy in 2023!

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Misty Cox
Misty Cox
Jan 27, 2023

I love this! It truly resonates with me, the whole “Clarity“ part. I just started an amazing new study with some women I adore and we were asked to choose a word for 2023. Mine is clarity. I need it. I want it. Love this piece. Thanks for helping me see how I want my 2023 to look.

Jan 27, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for such a thoughtful response! I'm so glad it resonated with you. I think clarity is the perfect word for 2023!

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