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7 Steps to a Solid Morning Routine

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

"This is a wonderful day! I've never seen this one before." - Maya Angelou

We all have a morning routine, whether it's calm and mindful or chaotic and scattered! Although I think most of us crave the former, getting there can often feel challenging if not impossible. The majority of us have so much on our plate. Not only are we getting ourselves together for work, but also corralling kids for school, chugging coffee or frantically making breakfast before running out the door. The last thing we think we have time for is ourselves let alone morning mindfulness, but there are stepping stones to making a calm, mindful morning achievable. I'll be honest, there is no magic formula except for approaching with an open mind, no judgements or expectations and embracing the imperfections along the way. That little bit of self-care will reflect onto other daily activities and move forward with you the rest of the day.

"How you start your day is how you live your day. How you live your day is how you live your life." - Louise Hay

This quote is a reminder that small habits over time yield deep, significant changes. Implementing these small changes into a daily routine will impact your life in a significant way mentally, physically and spiritually. This is your life right now--not when the weekend comes or when we have our vacation time. Right now! Working towards beginning each day nourished, balanced and joyful is the foundation of contentment and peace. So here we go! 7 steps to create a solid start to each day....your morning routine!

  1. Your morning begins at night. Go to bed at the same time each night. The time you choose should give you the amount of hours of sleep you need to feel your best whether that is 6 hours or 8, tailor it to your specific needs. We are all different so really think about this and what works best for your body. For example, I go to bed at 10 PM. This gives me the 7 hours of sleep I need to feel my best and wake up at 5 AM. The key is consistency.

  2. Wake up Early. By early, I mean early enough to give yourself that extra time (not counting the time it takes to do all of the normal "stuff.") If a morning routine is new to you then start by setting your alarm10 mins earlier. You can increase that time as you need. Soon you begin craving that quiet "me" time while the house is still and dark and not a soul except for you (and maybe the dog) is stirring. This becomes your time.

  3. Say NO to Snooze. When your alarm goes off, try not to snooze. Immediately take a deep breath, stretch and sit up in bed. Take another few slow intentional breaths. Then sit on the side of your bed, eyes still closed if you want and feet on the floor (preferably in fuzzy slippers!) Reach arms up, leaning and stretching over to one side, then the other. This begins to gently wake up your mind and body. Also thinking about curating your "me" time versus feeling rushed in the mornings can be incentive to choose not to snooze.

  4. Clean your Tongue. Tongue scraping may sound weird but I promise it's beneficial! Look at your tongue when you first wake up--do you notice a white film on it? When you sleep, your body goes into detox mode. That white film is waste and bacteria that you should remove. If swallowed, these toxins will be reabsorbed in your body! So before you drink anything, scrape your tongue. Other benefits include better sense of taste, healthy oral microbiome, fresher breath and even gentle stimulation internal organs. Tongue scrapers are very inexpensive. You can purchase stainless steel or copper scrapers on Amazon.

  5. Time to Hydrate. This step is also very important and will continue your daily detox process. Drink a large glass of water (around 16 oz at least), preferably room temperature or warm for rapid delivery to cells. This will rehydrate your body, fuel your brain and increase your alertness. Warm water with lemon is a great choice but plain water will be just as effective. This should to be done before coffee or any other liquid or food.

  6. Mindfulness. Now comes your short but sweet mindful practice. Any activity can be turned into something mindful. Effective options are guided meditation, gentle stretching or yoga/Pilates practice, journaling, gratitude list, Bible study or reading something that is meaningful and inspirational to you. I like to use this time for movement so I roll out the yoga mat and do a quick 20 min yoga practice on my phone. I have a subscription to an online studio that works great for me.

  7. Coffee or Tea Time. Now you are ready for your favorite morning beverage. This can be a mindful practice too, by taking the time to pick out your favorite mug and breathing in the well earned aroma before sipping.

Remember, you don't have to be a morning person to have a great morning routine! Enjoy the process and make it work for you! Also, this is not about perfection. Release the expectation of each morning going seamlessly. Things come up and that's ok. The difference is that we show up for ourselves each day and know that commitment and consistency to our practice is what creates the shift. These moments are where self-awareness and growth happen. You may not feel it right away, but you will and it becomes a domino effect of micro decisions throughout your day that serve you and your goals.

I hope this guide for creating a morning routine is helpful and inspiring. It has certainly made a difference for me and I feel confident it will for you too! :)

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